Explorers rely on the north star when there are no landmarks in sight.

Join us at Polaris to kick off the fourth season of the Odyssey Open Innovation Program. 

Through the Odyssey 2020 Innovation Program & Hackathon, corporate, governmental and scientific organizations explore and discover the future by building it, together with other relevant stakeholders, experts, and the brightest teams from all over the world. At Odyssey Polaris, we have created the perfect setting to kick-off the program by introducing the 20 challenges of the season 2020, developed with our partners and their stakeholders.

These 20 complex challenges can’t be solved by one organization, industry or country, or by just throwing more money at the problem, but only through mass collaboration in grassroots ecosystems. This collaborative ecosystem will meet the 100 curated international teams at the epic Odyssey Hackathon, on April 2-6 2020, where solutions will be co-created with all involved stakeholders.

We feel, these challenges are not just about applying new tech or building straight-forward tools. We are exploring new ways to collaborate, establish relationships and build communities, and even unlock completely new ways of looking at situations, their context, and our (potential) role in it. Underneath all of this, there are more fundamental, systemic changes taking place in the way we do business, organize society and deal with the environment. Our role in it, with our actions, will determine the outcomes that will impact generations to come.

Polaris can only be found by connecting the dots. And when we do, we see the bigger picture. A picture that is part of the new, emergent story of the 21st century. So, together with 300 selected leaders from different fields and sectors (such as energy, identity, cybersecurity, logistics, nature conservation, government, healthcare, finance, and critical infrastructure) we will connect the dots to create a bigger picture where insights and contexts are shared, interests and activities align and commitment can grow.


Dr Scilla Elworthy
Dr Scilla Elworthy

3x Nobel Peace Prize nominee

Founder Peace Direct 

Co-Founder Rising Women Rising World & FemmeQ

Dr C. Otto Scharmer

Sr. Lecturer MIT

Founder Presencing Institute

Bestselling Author “Theory U”

Raymond Knops
Raymond Knops

State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands

Challenge Lead Odyssey 2020

Self-Sovereign Identity 

Arwen Smit
Arwen Smit


Author of “Identity Reboot”

Constantijn van Oranje
Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau

Special Envoy


trent mcconaghy
Trent McConaghy

Co-Founder & CTO

Ocean Protocol 

Katja Berkhout
Katja Berkhout

Odyssey Polaris Moderator 


Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson

Professor Pace University

Chair Emeritus IUCN

World Commission on Environment Law

Justyna Petsch
Justyna Petsch

EU Public Official


Martijn Hagens
Martijn Hagens

COO Vattenfall  

Challenge Lead Odyssey 2020

Fossil Free Future

pindar wong
Pindar Wong

Internet Pioneer – First Hong Kong ISP 1993

Former ICANN board

Co-Founder ScalingBitcoin.org

Jan-Peter Doomernik
Jan-Peter Doomernik

Sr. Business Developer Enexis 

Challenge Lead Odyssey 2020

Nature 2.0

Portretfoto Rutger
Rutger van Zuidam

CEO & Founder



(formerly StartupDelta)

The Ministry of the Interior
and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands

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Open Innovation Program &
world’s biggest Blockchain & AI Hackathon

odyssey polaris
Thursday, November 7
katja berkhout
kick-off odyssey season
rutger van zuidam
bridging worlds
prof. Nicholas A. Robinson
the tao of web3
pindar wong
interview with
raymond knops
introducing the 20 odyssey challenges
Rutger van zuidam
mocktail break: drinks and starters
from ego-systems to eco-systems
Otto Scharmer
game-changing ecosystems
Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Arwen Smit, Trent McConaghy, justyna petsch
odyssey main course
21st century enlightenment on humanity
Scilla elworthy
20.50 – 21.30
odyssey dessert


April 2-6 , 2020

Since 2017, thousands of people from all over the world have been traveling to Groningen, The Netherlands, to contribute to the co-creation of the next operating system for our society. This diverse global movement and event became known as Odyssey. 

At the third edition of Odyssey Hackathon in 2019 , 100 teams from all over the world, supported by hundreds of experts (altogether 1500+ people), have built new solutions to complex societal challenges, using blockchain, AI, and robotics. The challenges they’ve been working on have a major societal and environmental impact and involve many stakeholders. They simply cannot be solved by one organisation, industry or sector. They can only be solved through grassroots, mass collaboration and a new public digital infrastructure to enable such collaboration. 

The fourth edition of the Odyssey Hackathon takes place in Groningen on April 2-6, 2020. Team applications will be open from January 20 until February 24. Sign up for the Odyssey newsletter to get notified when the applications are live. 

Others about Odyssey

Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau
Special Envoy StartupDelta

Odyssey is Europe’s leading hackathon for blockchain and AI and provides the teams with the best possible support to deliver their ideas at scale to make a real and lasting impact.

Raymond Knops
State Secretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations

The Odyssey hackathon goes beyond exploring the potential for blockchain and AI; it showcases the real-world capabilities of these technologies through economically viable solutions and unlocks new markets for businesses to provide products and services.

Robin Van Der Peijl
Odyssey Hackathon participant

A collective of people, bound by a common belief – fully committed to making it happen and willing to invest in that, while having the shared focus to get actual working results. Wouldn’t any leader, manager or politician dream of that?